Avoid the Sting of Fire Ants

Avoid the Sting of Fire Ants

Research fire ant extermination in Dallas, TX

Have you noticed brown hills around your yard? You could have an ant infestation. Ant nests are large mounds that can create holes in your yard. Plus, you could be at risk of being swarmed if you step on a nest while mowing your lawn. By the time you get stung, you could already have hundreds of ants on your body.

Grandeur Pest Solutions offers ant extermination in Dallas, Texas. A pest control pro from our team can get rid of your ant population before they can attack you.

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Protect your family from fire ants

In Texas alone, there are 14 species of carpenter ants. However, fire ants cause the largest problems. These ants leave behind painful stings. If you have pets or children, it's important to keep them away from fire ant nests. Our fire ant extermination team will use time-tested techniques and materials to completely get rid of your ant problem.
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