Sleep Tight and Don’t Let More Bed Bugs Bite

Sleep Tight and Don’t Let More Bed Bugs Bite

Contact a trusted Dallas, TX bed bug exterminator

Even if you can tolerate most insects, bed bugs are a health hazard you refuse to welcome. Much like fleas and ticks, bed bugs reproduce quickly and carry diseases. Send your pests packing, and schedule a visit from Grandeur Pest Solutions. Our Dallas, Texas exterminators work diligently to remove every last critter.

Protect your family from irritating rashes and itchy bites – reach an on-call exterminator when you dial 214-727-2924.

5 ways to eliminate your infestation

While Grandeur can thoroughly treat residential surfaces and rooms, we can’t comb through your head. Here’s the delousing process we recommend:

  • Using a fine-toothed comb, pick out nits, bugs and eggs – repeat this process as many times as necessary
  • Shampoo your hair and scalp several times – try adding rubbing alcohol or cedar oil to kill off larvae
  • Coat your scalp with olive oil and wear a shower cap to bed – this should prevent bugs from further biting your head
  • Place all linens, bedding and compromised clothing in the washer – clean and dry on the hottest settings
  • Steam your mattress and ask Grandeur to spray on and around your box spring

Together, we can rid your Dallas, TX residence of bed bugs once and for all.