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Kory always does such a thorough job, and he is super kind. He is professional and makes sure to answer all your questions. He is very friendly and will take the time to get to know you and your family. My 3-year-old always is so excited when he comes to do a treatment. I am so thankful to not live in fear of spiders, roaches, and chiggers like I was before. Thanks, Kory!

-- Becky B.

Amazing, Kory and Gary were simply wonderful. They explained everything to me, there were no surprises and I truly got my money worth.

-- J. Y.

I am a Manager at a Non- Profit Organization and Grandeur Pest Solutions was a great choice for their quality service and their reliable service to our organization. I would recommend them to a friend or to any other business.

Fast, Reliable and Quality Service

- Joe J.

My moms house was treated for ants that we could not seem to get rid of! We called Grandeur Pest and Kory was there within 24 hours. A problem we had for months was solved in less than 1 hour. The next day they were all gone and have not returned. I highly recommend Grandeur if you have any pests in your home or business, you will be satisfied!

Professional and personable

- Marie T.

I had a horrible ant problem that I get every summer, I called Grandeur Pest Solutions and we set an appointment. The Exterminator was here exactly at the time scheduled. Not only did they come out when I kept seeing ants after they treated my home, but they found the source, what type of ants they were, and what attracted them to come inside. I no longer have an ant problem thanks to Grandeur. Kory is the Best!

Professional and Friendly

- Alexandra S.

We wanted a backyard that was free of fire ants so our kids could play and we can grill. Grandeur Pest gave us exactly that.

-- Barry Levinson

When we bought our dream home, a Victorian built decades ago, we found termites and Grandeur Pest Solutions gave us a price that could not be beat. They saved us over $200!

-- Sophia Lorren