There’s Nothing Minnie About the Mouse in Your House

There’s Nothing Minnie About the Mouse in Your House

Don’t worry, Grandeur offers pest control solutions in Dallas, TX

Rodents may look sweet at the pet store, but wild rodents on the loose are another matter entirely. It isn’t sanitary for any furry critter to run through your cupboards or nest near your food. Rid your home of Minnie and Mickey when you call 214-727-2924. In addition to trapping rodents, Grandeur will guard your home from squirrels, possums and bugs. Request your home inspection from a skilled Dallas, Texas exterminator.

Wildlife should stay where it belongs – in the wild

If you’ve stumbled across a wild animal, contact Grandeur’s on-call extermination team. While you’re waiting for us, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Shut your pets away or let them outside
  • Never touch or handle vermin on your own
  • Don’t scare the animal by poking it with household objects

Leave the pest alone until Grandeur is on the scene. We have years of extermination experience in Dallas, TX.