Are Termites Making a Meal of Your Dallas, TX Property?

Are Termites Making a Meal of Your Dallas, TX Property?

Grandeur Pest Solutions can help with termite extermination

While Dallas is a wonderful community, it’s also a termite-friendly community. Termites likely appreciate the humidity more than you. However, you can triumph over Dallas pests thanks to Grandeur Pest Solutions. Our experienced exterminators will inspect your home and offer practical preventive measures.

We can also prep new builds for future residents. Grandeur will swiftly safeguard your construction frame using TERM Particle Barrier. This lava rock formation is placed around a building’s foundation to keep termites from crossing your boundaries. Call 214-727-2924 to request more information about our termite extermination services.

3 signs you have termites on the premises

Contact Grandeur if you notice any of the following:

  • Grooves chewed into your wood
  • Mud tubes near roofing and trees
  • Termite wings shed around the house

Termites are strong, but Grandeur’s solutions are stronger. Avoid expensive carpentry repairs when you take advantage of Dallas, TX pest control.