A Tick Bite Can Lead to a Major Illness

A Tick Bite Can Lead to a Major Illness

Prevent infection with tick removal services in Dallas, TX

Every year, thousands of cases of Lyme disease are reported to state health departments. Many of these cases are caused by ticks-carriers of Lyme disease. If you've seen the signs of ticks in your home, you need to call an exterminator as soon as possible. Grandeur Pest Solutions offers effective tick removal services in Dallas, Texas. Our pest control team knows how to eradicate ticks efficiently.

If you've found a tick on yourself or a loved one, it's important to act quickly. You can remove the body with tweezers by pulling straight up with steady pressure. Once the tick has been removed, clean the area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

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Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding ticks

In order to avoid ticks, it's important to learn about them. An exterminator from our team can teach you how to best protect yourself from these dangerous insects at one of our free consultations. Ticks thrive in warm weather, making Dallas an ideal environment. There are many species of ticks, but all of them spread diseases like Lyme disease and rocky mountain fever. Texas is home to:

  • American dog ticks
  • Blacklegged ticks or deer ticks
  • Brown dog ticks
  • Gulf coast ticks
  • Lone star ticks

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