Learn the Buzz About Wasps

Learn the Buzz About Wasps

Explore wasp extermination options in Dallas, TX

When you're outside enjoying your yard, the last thing you want to deal with are wasps. Theses pesky insects can make themselves at home in your yard and attack you, your family or your guests. If you need a wasp extermination service in Dallas, Texas, you can count on Grandeur Pest Solutions. Our pest control company can find any wasp nests in your yard or home and remove them safely. You'll be safe from painful stings in no time at all with our pest control services.

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Don't let wasps take over your yard

Many homeowners in the Dallas and Fort Worth area struggle with wasp issues. Not all types of wasps are the same and it takes a knowledgeable expert to know how to deal with each species. We can provide wasp extermination for:

  • Yellow jackets-aggressive insects that impart painful stings
  • Bald-faced hornets-extremely aggressive hornets that should only be exterminated by a trained professional
  • Paper wasps-insects that enter homes through chimneys mostly during the fall and spring
  • Cicada killer wasps-the largest species of wasp, known to nest in yards

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